Bricolage, WESA 90.5 Bring #WonderfulLife to Pgh Airwaves

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I’ll take the tweet seats any time – especially if I can enjoy the local arts scene while using my phone with full-on permission of the folks in charge.

Bricolage invites local twitter users (like @PghLesbian24 and @Ledcat) to attend performances and provide a live tweet review throughout the evening. So we toddled Downtown last week to catch the Midnight Radio production of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” And it was fantastic.

“Midnight Radio is a raucous live comedy series in the style of classic 1940s radio broadcasts, featuring suspenseful action thrillers, vintage sound effects, musical guests, fake breaking news, commercial spoofs, and more. “

For #WonderfulLife, the cast includes 5 actors and 3 musicians. Three of the actors play multiple roles and were just brilliant. I can’t say enough how impressed I was with Elena Alexandratos, Wali Jamal and Jason McCune as they zigzagged effortlessly between characters while handling a lot of the sound effects as well. “Seeing” radio performances adds a certain something special to the #WonderfulLife experience, especially as the 1940’s setting is a terrific fit with a live radio format.

If you are a #WonderfulLife fan, you won’t be disappointed in this performance. The characters are well-done and interesting. The setting is cozy and accessible. The venue is easy to find on Liberty Avenue and convenient to multiple parking lots. And my heart swelled three times its size when I read the Bricolage accommodation language!

Bricolage is teaming up with 90.5 WESA FM for a live broadcast of Midnight Radio’s performance on Thursday, December 19. I’m going to listen for sure – how very meta after all to have a radio broadcast of a fake radio show performing a real screenplay.

The show continues through December 20. Tickets are $35, $20 discounted for students, seniors and group purchases. Bricolage has also teamed up with Bistro-to-Go, another favorites of ours, to offer catered holiday parties before and after the performances. For more information, visit their website.

This was truly a lovely experience and very much put us in a holiday mood. Neither of us has seen the movie in a while so it was also a bit fresh and nostalgic at the same time. I highly recommend this show if you need a little lift or a dose of holiday spirit.

Getting back to the #tweetseats – I just counted more than 150 unique tweets created between the pre-show Happy Half Hour and the end of the performance. That doesn’t include RTs which would surely top 300 or more. I personally posted a half-dozen times to Instagram and Facebook as well. That’s a lot of buzz for the investment. We were tucked into the back corner so our screens didn’t bother anyone. It is really a great investment by the company to pursue these partnerships. If you want to learn more, contact @BricolagePGH


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