#ArtisticVisionPgh QnA with Erin Gill Ninehouser of the PA Health Access Network

During the course of our Q&A profiles of the artists and sponsors, some interesting questions arose about vision health and insurance. So I asked Erin Gill Ninehouser from the Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN) to take a stab at some of these issues. Name: Erin Ninehouser Organization Twitter: @pahealthaccess Organization Website: www.pahealthaccess.org What sort of work does PHAN […]

Why Does Coffee-Mate Think We All Have an Inner Latino?

Apparently, Coffee-Mate (and parent company Nestle) haven’t been paying attention to any discussion around cultural appropriate and stereotyping. I opened my email today to find a coupon for two flavored creamers, Dulce de Leche and Mexican Chocolate. The tagline, however, took me aback. “Indulge your inner Latino through Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond” It is […]

Repent Amarillo Targeted Northside Church – Watch How They Respond #NSFW

Repent Amarillo

A week before Pittsburgh Pridefest, members of Repent Amarillo were spotted protesting outside of Community Presbyterian Church in the Central Northside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. I just found the 50 minute “street preach” video and it is both sad and amusing. It is also something people are going to underestimate.  This is #NSFW because of the […]