Planned Parenthood Foe to speak in Pittsburgh

The Pennsylvania Institutue has one upped itself with regard to shining a light on the Chik-Fil-A homophobic mentality. Next up is a Pittsburgh based dinner with a keynote speaker infamous from defaming Planned Parenthood with so-called undercover footage. 2011 Friends of the Family Banquet — in Pittsburgh, PA 2011 Pittsburgh Friends of the Family Banquet […]

Exercising Judgment in the East End

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

When I asked Hugh McGough to sit down with me and talk about his campaign, I was admittedly most interested in the significance of electing Pittsburgh's second openly gay official (third in Allegheny County). I was unprepared for a thorough schooling in the ways of the magisteria, the judicial politics of the East End and a […]

The Big Gay Endorsement!

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Exactly one week from today comes the Endorsement Meeting for Steel City Stonewall Democrats.  For the first time, Steel City will not permit same-day members to vote in the endorsement, a positive step for the organization's credibility.  The group returns to The Inn on the Mexican War Streets on North Avenue from 2-5 PM on […]

The lesbians do some mingling/volunteering to support Bruce Kraus

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Wednesday evening we had an unexpectedly amusing stint as the official coat check girls women at a fundraiser for Bruce Kraus' bid for a second term as City Councilor.  To be honest, the whole coat check thing scares me. I prefer to keep my coat close at hand in case a speedy retreat is in order. I […]

Thank you GLEE for getting it sooo right

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

On last night episode of GLEE, two oustanding storylines made me want to cry and cheer at the same time. First, the always stellar pairing of Kurt and his Dad, a man's man who is the most amazingly sensitive parent to his openly gay son.  In this episode, Dad is prodded to have “the” sex […]

Local woman pursues International Ms. Leather title

I usually learn a few interesting things when I chat with folks about this blog, but I have to admit to learning a *whole* lot during my recent conversation with Ms. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2011, Jessi Seams. The first ever Ms. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish, Jessi is among a handful of transwomen across the country to […]

New Voices Pittsburgh to celebrate 7 years with gala event

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

New Voices Pittsburgh: Women of Color for Reproductive Justice honors 7 years of good work in Pittsburgh with a celebration event on Saturday, March 12, 20011. New Voices Pittsburgh is a groundbreaking organization, using a Reproductive Justice framework to organize and build a local movement with young women of color and allies in the Greater Pittsburgh […]

Why Domestic Partner Benefits for Allegheny County employees matter to all of us (redux)

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

A bit in the Tribune Review caught my eye last week.  Councilman Bill Peduto said he is prepared to move forward next week with legislation that would merge the city and county's financial systems. He said the city “would find the money” if state money would not come through. Identical legislation is awaiting a vote from County […]

Westboro Supreme Court Decision

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Picketing funerals is abhorrent, but I must admit that it irks me a bit when people overlook the fact that this hate group has been picketing the funerals of LGBTQ persons for years — they even picketed Mr. Rogers memorial service (I was there).  Any parent, spouse, or partner having to bury their loved one […]