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Rick Santorum. The Big Sigh.

OMG. I can’t believe Rick Santorum is still relevant … I mean LEADING candidate at this point. What is wrong with America? The man lost his Senate seat by 18 points. I”m not even sure how to say this. He’s nuts. He’s absolutely beyond the normal crazy and I know crazy. His views are based
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Rick Santorum’s Desperate Need for His Gay Communications Director …

When I saw that Rick Santorum’s team has come up with a sweater vest fundraiser to raise a million dollars, I rolled my eyes. I’m not anti-sweater vest, but it is a little … dull? Then I saw the two mottos of the project “Don’t let sleeves slow you down.” “Second Amendment vest: the right
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Sue Kerr: “Rick Santorum Never Discussed Gay Sex With Me”

Well, I’m a google search today, thanks to Mr. Santorum. Woo hoo! Michaelangelo Signorile included this blog in a recent column about Santorum’s hypocrisy on LGBT equality, including a ridiculous defense by former Communication Director Robert Traynham an openly gay man. Apparently, Traynham is fine with Rick’s stance on equality because Rick never criticized ‘gay
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Whatever Happened to the Gay Guy Who Worked for Santorum?

Robert Traynham. He was Santorum’s PR Director/Communications Director while Santorum was in the Senate. He was an openly gay, African-American man who worked for Rick Santorum. Then he got a fancy job in the D.C. (imagine) and is now teaching at George Mason, hosting a political talk show, making appearances on NPR and other swell
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Santorum: LGBT Families “Destabilize” America

He’s at it again … Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is on the presidential campaign trail in Iowa and his appeal to the heartland is laced with bigotry and intolerance, as well as a healthy dose of hypocrisy. On Weds, Dec 7, he was in Spencer, Iowa. He wants to maintain family structures among immigrants
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