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The Not All Like That Project. Really?

When I first heard about the NATL (Not All Like That) Project producing videos from Christians who aren’t haters, I was very skeptical. So much that I ignored it. Yes,I had this niggling curiosity – I thought Dan Savage’s chapter in his latest book about his mother and their tie to the Catholic Church was
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Dan Savage vs. Brian Brown: The Dinner Table Debate – Video

Here’s the video from the dinner table debate between LGBTQ columnist and activist Dan Savage and the president of the National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown.   Share on Tumblr
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Rick Santorum’s Anti-Straight Agenda – Savage on Keith Olbermann

Found this through the Post-Gazette’s Cutting Edge:   From Alternet … On last night’s¬†Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Dan Savage (of Santorum Google bomb fame) discussed how the candidate’s problematic views extend beyond homophobia. “One of the things I’m constantly reminding people about Rick Santorum is that he doesn’t have merely an anti-gay agenda — he
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Dan Savage, The Slog Raise Nearly $30,000 for Food Pantry – Make Sure People KNOW LGBTQ Folks Welcome at Pgh Pantries

I was poking around tonight and found this series of posts on The Slog website. I love that people can win dinner with Dan Savage for donating to a hunger relief organization. I would donate and I work for a hunger relief organization. I love that they picked up on the article in Slate about
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Chick-Fil-A = Girl on Girl Sex?

I have to give credit to Leslie Fleisher¬†for busting out this bucket of Santorum when the latest news on Chick-Fil-A hit social media. Go Facebook … I think the fan page will be up soon. It could be a thing. She specifically references to tribadism. Yes, if you don’t know what that is … you
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