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A White Lesbian Responds to Beyonce’s Formation

This won’t be the post you expect. Let me open by saying that while I enjoy Beyonce’s music, I’ve never really listened to her catalogue. I admire her politics, especially her stance on feminism and I appreciate her artistry. But I never really moved past admiration to engage her art. Until Saturday. I saw so
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We Asked #AMPLIFY Contributors About Their Favorite Characters

We are pulling out some of the responses to the AMPLIFY survey for a closer examination. These are open-ended questions and people take liberties with their interpretation. What I did here was use a word cloud program that eliminates common words like ‘the’ and generates word size in proportion to frequency. So the largest words
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Review: The Danish Girl

Spoilers. Last week, Ledcat and I went to AMC Loews at the Waterfront to see ‘The Danish Girl.’ This is one of my least favorite movie theaters because of its slightly shabby condition, a fact not helped with the introduction of self-serve soda fountains. Still, AMC brings in the lesser known films on a regular
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‘Carol’ Comes to Pittsburgh This Weekend

I have never received so many inquiries as I have about the Pittsburgh release of the movie ‘Carol’ starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. It seems ALL of the lesbians want to know when their movie will be playing and when. Good news – the movie debuts in Pgh on Friday January 8 at six
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Gloria is a Happy Black Lesbian #AMPLIFY

Name: Gloria Bigelow Age:  Old Enough County of Residence: Grew up in Allegheny, now lives in California Preferred Pronouns: she How do you describe your identity? Happy black lesbian. Please describe your coming out experience. Where did you find support? What challenges did you face? I found support in my friends and in other people in my community. I also
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Win Tickets to See ‘Yinz ‘R Scrooged’ at Bricolage Sat Matinee

This is fun. The folks at Bricolage liked our review of the holiday Midnight Radio show Yinz ‘R Scrooged so much that they offered us two tickets to giveaway for Saturday’s matinee performance. So if you’d like to win 2 tickets for a 2 PM performance on this Saturday, December 19 – do this! Leave
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Of Art, Death and Andy Warhol

I was in a bit of a funk earlier today – not really down, just a little out of sorts. The phone rang and I saw that it was my friend Kerry Kennedy, proprietor of K.S. Kennedy Distinctive Floral, and he had a very unusual request – would I come along to help him deliver
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‘Scared of Sarah’ Intense Exploration of Family, Relationships

I’ve been referring to this play by Off The Wall Productions as a play about autism, but I must amend that now having watched the play for myself. Lily and Sam are wrestling with the fact that Lily is unexpectedly pregnant, a turn of events that generates the usual array of fears about finances, parenting
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Yinz ‘R Scrooged Explores Classic Themes With Pittsburgh Twist

If you haven’t been to a performance of Midnight Radio at Bricolage theater, you are missing a terrific show (or shows) in the style of a 1940’s radio program.  The final show of the season is a ‘Pittsburgh flavored’ take on the Charles Dickens holiday classic. Written by Tami Dixon, Yinz ‘R Scrooged introduces us
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Ten Holiday Things To Do In Pittsburgh

I’ve made these lists up in the past, filled with big plans and remorse over what I didn’t accomplish. Still, here we are on December 1 once again and I’m giving it the good try. Here’s my list of things to do in Pittsburgh this year to celebrate the holidays. Or at least things I
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