More Information in The Disappearance of Andre Gray

I hope you can lend your support to the search scheduled for Saturday, February 7 on Pittsburgh’s North Side. Businesses are donating flyers, coffee and more. There are reasons to be searching for clues in Lawrenceville, the North Side and in New Kensington. Please keep this information viral.

I’m attaching the links to flyers. The first is an updated flyer for Andre himself. Click on it to go to a .pdf version that you can download and distribute.

Andre Gray
Click for a .pdf version of this flyer


The second flyer is for Andre’s dog, Boss. While it might seem inappropriate to search for a dog when a person is missing, there’s a method at play here.

We are sharing this information because Boss is microchipped. If he turns up at a shelter or a veterinarian, that could be a valuable clue to bring them both home. Please click on this image for a .pdf version and share with all of your “Lost Dog” contacts. Any lead is worth pursuing.

Andre Gray
Click for .pdf version of this flyer