What I Noticed at the GLCC Today

So I had a 10 AM mtg at the GLCC – Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ Community Center –  which meant that I passed youth waiting for the official opening at 12 PM. It was raining and humid and uncomfortable. The youth were politely standing to the side in the hallway, keeping the stairway clear. They were wearing rain gear over top of their backpacks and had sleeping bags with them. Not a single one had a starbucks coffee or even a bottle of water. It was 11:50 AM and there were probably 2 dozen young people – not in school, not in a trade school – standing in line for homeless services because it is first come, first serve.

And after being served, when this service ends at 3 PM, they head back out into the rain – thankful it’s not cold, right – and figure out the rest of their day. It costs the GLCC $75 to be open for this three hour period, not including volunteer/staff time.

The GLCC is current seeking the following donations:

  • Coffee, tea, water to serve the members and customers
  • Personal care hygeine products
  • School supplies
  • Board games for adults