Pittsburgh Black Pride July 2013


Pittsburgh Black Pride is one of the oldest Pride Celebration in the country that serves the needs of LGBTQ community members of color.  While it is important to acknowledge the struggle of all LGBTQ people in our society today, people of color are particularly impacted by long-standing structural barriers such as racism, poverty, underrepresentation, and stigma which greatly contribute to a number of negative health outcomes.  Being both a sexual and racial minority within the greater society comes with a heavy burden. Allowing individuals who may feel underrepresented and underserved to make a contribution to the broader LGBTQ community by expressing their culture through celebration, helps to validate a constructive place within the whole of the LGBTQ community.  Moreover, planning and attending the Pittsburgh Black Pride celebration empowers LGBTQ community members of color as well as supporters to be greater than any single or collective barrier that may hold them back.