NaBloPoBo: Energy!

What is your biggest concern about the future of the environmentclimate villains .....

My biggest concern is the fact that people ignore science. They don’t like the facts so they simply ignore them. This is a common human response to things we don’t want to hear or deal with – denial. But it is very powerful.

Realistically, I think that it won’t be so bad during the rest of my lifetime so my concern is that this “it’s not so bad” perspective means I and others won’t do what it takes to make it better. For example, I’ve been procrastinating about purchasing a composter because it doesn’t seem urgent. But when I realize we could cut our trash in half by using one … I feel guilty. But I put it off for all sorts of reasons because as informed as I am – I don’t feel the urgency.

And when I think about how much different our climate is here in Pittsburgh since I was a kid and even more so from when my parents describe their childhoods … it concerns me.