Hillary Has Me Thinking …

I have not been a good patient. I’ve been sleeping like an infant, but having too much screen time. Cranky, irritable, still making very odd statements and inappropriate comments (not in a good way) and not myself. At all. I am struggling to figure out the simplest task on my iPod. I can’t even change my gravatar image. It is like 1992 all over again. World Wide What?

The news that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been hospitalized for a blood clot after being diagnosed with a concussion was very sobering. I’m glad I have another check up on Wednesday.

Hence, signing off. I hate when I write like I’m some radio operator. I’m not signing anything. Sigh. See, irritable?

New Year’s Resolutions may have to wait.

Healing thoughts for Secretary Clinton, President Bush and the millions of nameless women, children and men who struggle with health challenges tonight.