Welcome to Our New Blogger, Trish Mifflin

We want to offer a heartfelt welcome to the newest member of the blogging team, Trish Mifflin.

Trish is not a lesbian. In her own words, she is transgendered male-bodied crossdresser who identifies as female, but is not pursuing full-time transition, either socially or medically.

So that’s out of the way. Well, it is actually part of the point – why did we invite someone who is not a lesbian to join our blog?

First, Trish a good writer and has interesting, engaging things to share. That’s why you read our blog – to learn, to challenge yourself, even to occasionally shake your fist at the computer.

Second, our focus has always been the context of the larger experiences of the LGBTQ community, experiences we can only explore from the vantage of being a lesbian. Trish brings a different context, a different perspective (“pov”) and that seems like a refreshing change.

Finally, the blog has evolved in the past 7 years – and this is an exciting phase of our journey.

Welcome, Trish!