Guest Blogging?

Well, why not?

My recent heady experience of receiving one comment on my Bilerico post

made me realize I should open things up here a bit and get some other voices. So I’d like to invite you to submit a guest post.

It can be a one time post. It can be recurrent. It can be sporadic.

It can be about a LGBTQ issueIt can be about another issue through they eyes of the LGBTQ experienceIt can be light-hearted, serious, short, long, colorful, etc.

If you are interested, I can set you up with an anonymous ID. You can’t be anonymous to me. I have to meet you in person (or know you in advance.) The software is not hard to use. You can add photos and I will help you with all of that techie stuff.

If interested, please email me. We’ll chat.