Pennsylvania Private School Rejects Student Based on HIV+ Status

Milton Hershey School made this stellar decision to discriminate based on a criteria they don’t list on their application.

The Delaware County boy has lived with HIV for his entire life. He controls the virus by taking five pills per day, plus vitamins, and sees his doctor about three times a year. Having HIV hasn’t stopped him from playing sports or keeping his top spot on the honor roll, but the Milton Hershey School says point-blank that it won’t admit the well-qualified boy because of his HIV-positive status. The boy, who is identified by the pseudonym Abraham Smith, is suing the school for discrimination.

On Thursday — which was, ironically, the 23rd annual World AIDS Day, dedicated to spreading awareness about HIV and AIDS — the school filed a request asking federal courts to approve their decision to deny admission to the boy.

It is a decision that is not going over well.

Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania …