Obama Administration Spin on November Elections

Early Returns has the story.

Delusional. I am one of those crazy liberals who wants to elect liberals, not people who pretend to be liberals and play the guilt card to get my vote.

So I'm just not that invested.  See what Pam has to say about this ….. her tiny violin for the DNC is pretty amusing.

The special interest political ads in the Sestak/Toomey race are boooooorrrring. Economy, not bailouts.

On an interesting side note, I just dicovered Jim Wallis from Sojourners.  Evangelical. All about social justice. Not necessarily a fan of same sex marriage, but then again I'm willing to go on the record that tackling poverty is a wee bit more important than my federal tax benefits.  Just saying.

After all, no candidates are talking about federal tax benefits, right?