Touchdown Jesus: Kaboom!

This is pretty amusing if banal.

Religious structures, especially church steeples, are regularly zapped because they are often the highest point in a given area, according to John Jensenius, lightning safety specialist for the National Weather Service. But the same goes for towering secular symbols.

“Oh, she's hit by lightning on a continual basis,” says Statue of Liberty spokesman Darren Boch.

When asked whether such lightning strikes might represent a malevolent act of God toward America, Mr. Boch says, “I can clearly state that no one here deems it an act of God.”

Which brings us to the main reason for writing this story: Lightning Safety Week starts today!

Summer is a bolt-heavy season for much of the South and the East Coast, so the National Weather Service recommends seeking shelter when there's thunder and waiting 30 minutes after the last flash to emerge.

As for the incineration of Touchdown Jesus, Pastor Bishop isn't reading into it.

“Honey,” she says, “it's just some fiberglass.”



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