Oh, City Paper, why do you ignore us so ….

Tonight, I made someone's heart leap a little when I clicked an ad on the Slag Heap blog page.  I wanted to check out the “Pgh Grassroots” website so I could be in on the latest events and happenings.  A little ad-click revenue for the City Paper.  Eh.

Then I had to register which is where my poor little alt-weekly paper lovin' heart sank.  Right as I got to “marital status” … can you see where I'm going with this?

Single – nope

Married – nope

Divorced – nope

Widowed – nope

Engaged – nope

Separated – nope

Annulled – nope

Cohabitating – say what?

They have a category for annulled, but not domestic partnerships or civil unions?  The paper that carries Dan Savage?  The only paper in town with an LGBT beat? 

I think they need to add …

Common-law marriage

Living in sin

“Roommates” with heavy emphasis on the wink-wink, nudge-nudge

Unable to commit

Serial monogamist


Engaged to be engaged

Any other suggestions?