Federal Lawmakers Ratings

Good resource. 


The Hill has tabulated scores that Washington advocacy organizations give members of Congress, so you can check them at thehill.com rather than roaming the Internet from site to site. We cite 31 organizations, which is a fair cross section rather than a comprehensive list. Click on a lawmaker's name to see his or her page.

Pleased to see the HRC Scorecard included among the 31 ratings. 

Here's what you need to know

Senator Bob Casey – D

Senator Arlen Specter – D

Rep Mike Doyle – D

Rep Jason Altmire – D

Rep Tim Murphy – R

Rep Kathy Dahlkemper – D

And here's a glimpse of the 31 ratings/topics

Issue Organization Rating
Abortion NARAL Pro-Choice America 100
  National Right to Life Center 0
Civil Rights ACLU 100
  Human Rights Campaign 100
Ideology American Conservative Union 0
  Americans for Democratic Action 95
  Drum Major Institute A
  Family Research Council 5
Children Children's Defense Fund 80
Environment League of Conservation Voters 92
Immigration Immigrant's List NR
  Numbers USA D-
  U.S. Border Control NR
Public Health American Public Health Association 100
Senior Citizens Alliance for Retired Americans 100

Issue Organization Rating
Business and Labor AFL-CIO 97
  National Education Association A
  AFSCME 100
  BIPAC 20
  Chamber of Commerce 56
  Club for Growth 0
  National Federation of Independent Business 64
Taxes & Spending Americans for Tax Reform 0
  Citizens Against Government Waste 2
  National Taxpayers Union 5

Issue Organization Rating
Defense and Peace Council for a Livable World 37
  Center for Security Policy 0
  Friends Committee on National Legislation 100
  Peace Action 91
Guns Gunowners of America F
  Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence 88

Can you guess whose record I pulled? 🙂

Nice to get some multi-issue perspective on our elected officials.  The resource would be strengthened by a little bit of detail on where these organizations are coming from.