Western PA Round Up

This is what caught my eye this morning …

The military thinks we are stupid enough to accept a faux-relaxing of policies in lieu of real reform on Don't Ask, Don't Tell. You still aren't supposed to tell, but now if a third party tells on you — they aren't so quick to take action.  Geez. 

I completely missed this Tribune-Review posting on State Rep Darryl Metcalfe's run for Lt. Governor.

If the next governor doesn't stick to cutting “excessive spending and reducing taxes and protect the liberties of Pennsylvanians,” Metcalfe said, he would run for governor in 2014.

Metcalfe said he is the first “accountability candidate” for lieutenant governor in state history and will have the next governor “looking over his shoulder

Here's the scary … and comforting … part.

Metcalfe's reputation could galvanize support in the primary season but be more damaging in the longer term, said Christopher Borick, a political science professor at Muhlenberg College in Allentown.

“In the short term, in the primary — where the electorate is more conservative — it may strike a few chords with your base,” Borick said.

The homo card will pay off in the primary, especially in Jason Altmire's district.  Great. At least, we can *hope* that the actual Lt. Governor will support Domestic Violence Awareness Month proclamations. 

The Trib also reprints an AP story questioning whether loosening DADT will impact military benefits for the families of LGBT soldiers. 

It really is just a matter of time folks until these walls finally crumble down, but it is tough to wait it out especially when we watch our so-called allies doing patchwork that keep the wall up.  Imperfect analogy, but you get my point.