Then there are Pennsylvanians who believe in Equality

It is Freedom to Marry week and nearly 30 people showed in Harrisburg in support of SB 935 which would legalize same sex marriage in Pennsylvania. 30 is pretty impressive considering the weather.


Sponsor Daylin Leach:

Now this legislation has 3 cosponsors.  3. 

I am not a proponent of pushing for marriage equality in Pennsylvania.  That doesn't make me an incrementalist because I do believe SW PA Democrats are ridiculous panderers to fear mongering bigots when it comes to civil rights for the LGBTQ community.  Granting domestic partner benefits is about fairness and equality.  I'm realistic enough to know that marriage legislation ignites the bigotry and sends quasi-Democrats even further away from their values (or closer to their real values?). Hence, the lack of domestic partner benefits.  Fear.  Caving into bigotry. Missing the point.

Still, I applaud 30 people for turning out on a miserable day to stand up for equality.