Report from the field

Does anyone else have a dedicated pair of snow shoveling jeans? Mine hang in kitchen to dry. I put them on for a grocery trip to work. That was a good idea as I was engulfed in a snow bank at Giant Eagle AND at the drop-off site.
So now I've got thigh high wet jeans and a 30 minute wait for an appt. Bronchitis is looking more and more likely, eh?
Northside is just so-so in the flat neighborhoods. I don't hear good things about the hilly neighborhoods but here's hoping for a “blitz” our way soon. Oakland I better today.
I gotta wonder – where is everyone going to park when we do get back to work? Craig St – already difficult to find parking – is one giant plow trail. I just plowed into embankment and made my own spot. Are they going to move this snow? Marty Griffin on KDKA was suggesting they put the trash removal guys to work shoveling snow to be removed. I bet there's a union rule against it, but at least there's outside the box thinking.
I am so glad to be out of house that I don't care about what I encounter. I just need to interact with people and make sure my program folks are okay.
It would be nice to have dry pants, though.
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