Random G-20 Question

There's a guy who takes an evening bus to work to clean a City office building for a little more than minimum wage.  He's a little afraid since the evening hours are anticipated to be the most confrontational.  Since he's not a City employee or a unionized employee, he has no choice.  His fear makes me sad. 

I just don't understand why our City leaders seem so immune to the economic realities people are facing.  Will Bill Peduto or Dan Gilman suffer without two days pay?  Maybe a little bit, but I bet they can still pay for their housing and groceries. 

I want protestors' civil rights protected, but I'd also like to see some action on the livelihood of folks making less than $30,000/year who work downtown.  Will Jim Motznik talk with their landlords about being late on the rent?  Is Theresa Smith going to drop off some goceries?  Might Darlene Harris negotiate with Duquesne Light and Equitable Gas to waive usage charges for 48 hours?