It is working, folks!

Word on the street er, via cell phone and text is that YOUR hard work and persistance is paying off.  The calls are being noticed both by Chief Executive Dan Onorato and the assorted County Councilpersons. 

In fact, some County Councilpersons are returning calls to their constituents which like never happens.  That must mean the sheer volume of calls is making them sit up and take notice, as well as the fact that they are about to do something unconstitutional. 

The Post-Gazette will have a story in the morning paper (maybe tonight on the website?) and told me they will cover the meeting itself.

I'm awash in tweets, IMs, texts, email, FB messages, comments, and so forth.  I'm a social media magnet and my thumbs are getting sore.  Thank goodness for the restorative properties of Starbucks. 

So here is where we stand.  There are four County Councilman who need to be targeted.  Call tonight and leave a voicemail message.  Send an email message.  If you don't live in these districts, figure out if you know someone who does. 

Councilman Matt Drozd, District 1 (412) 350-6525

Councilman Jim Burn, District 3  (412) 350-6535  ** also chair of Allegheny Co. Democratic Committee

Councilman Bob Macy, District 9  (412) 350-6565

Councilman Bill Robinson, District 10  (412) 350-6570

Burn, Macy and Robinson are responsible for the amendments.  It seems they aren't really aware of the constitutional issues AND how it makes the LGBTQ community, well, feel to “protect” religious organizations from us.  I sure don't like the feeling that the County will bend over so far backward that they'll say on paper that any form of discrimination is permissible just to appease homophobic churches.  That's pretty damn demeaning.  I also don't want to fund discrimination with my tax dollars.  If churches want an exemption, they need to give up the money.  Otherwise, play by the rules.

Not sure who represents you?  Here's a breakdown. 

District 1 – Drozd

1 Aleppo
1 Avalon
1 Bellevue
1 Ben Avon
1 Ben Avon Heights
1 Coraopolis
1 Crescent
1 Edgeworth
1 Emsworth
1 Kilbuck
1 Leet
1 Leetsdale
1 Moon
1 Ross
1 Sewickley
1 West View

District 3 – Burn

3 Aspinwall
3 Blawnox
3 Brackenridge
3 East Deer
3 Etna
3 Fawn
3 Fox Chapel
3 Frazer
3 Harrison
3 Indiana
3 Millvale
3 O'Hara
3 Reserve
3 Shaler
3 Sharpsburg
3 Springdale Township
3 Tarentum

Distric 9 – Macy

9 Dravosburg
9 Duquesne
9 Elizabeth Borough
9 Elizabeth Township
9 Forward
9 Glassport
9 Liberty
9 Lincoln
9 McKeesport
9 Port Vue
9 South Versailles
9 Versailles
9 West Mifflin
9 White Oak

District 10 – Robinson

10 Pittsburgh – 3rd Ward
10 Pittsburgh – 4th Ward
10 Pittsburgh – 5th Ward
10 Pittsburgh – 8th Ward
10 Pittsburgh – 11th Ward
10 Pittsburgh – 12th Ward
10 Pittsburgh – 13th Ward
10 Wilkinsburg