Northside Magistrate

Found a flyer stuffed into our door knocker inviting us to attend a “Meet Your Candidates” event on Thursday from 5 – 8 PM.  Magisterial district judge Dan Styche and Constable candidate Rob Moye are hosting the event. 

Well, actually they are the ones we are meeting, but the flyer doesn't say who is hosting it.  I think it is supposed to say something like “friends of blah blah blah” candidate.

Interesting note.  The flyer is in color so it wasn't cheap to print. 

Another interesting note.  It is being held at the Manchester Citizens Corporation bldg, but the organization's name is not on the flyer.

Does this mean what's his name is tacitly endorsing these candidates? 

I will probably go so I can figure out what a constable does.