CLCA: Overstimulation

I wish it were Friday night because I am exhausted.  All this meet and greet stuff is exhilerating.  I might have mentioned that we are stationed at the Information table for the museum so we have met a ton of people. 

My favorite is the man who insisted I provide him with scotch tape EVEN though I was deep in conversation with artist Scott Ward.  Scotch tape?  Really?  For what?

Anyway, I've heard great things as people are rolling out the door.  Lots of art wrapped, taped and trundled alongside the exultant owners.  It is 9:47 and there's still quite a buzz in the air.  And hey!  we just met one of neighbors whose name we never knew. 

People love the option to take their own picture in the mock frames.  So much fun.  What a great little add-on to the event. 

The one negative thing about live blogging is my inability to actually see the art.  I did get a quick browse while Ledcat watched the laptop and it was quite breathtaking.  We actually won our bid on a piece a few years ago and it is just lovely. 

Something I really like about this event is how utterly lacking in pretense it can be.  There are people from every strata of Pittsburgh here tonight garbed in all sorts of attire and everyone mingles together nicely.  I can't think of any other event like this … it really is something special.