Tribune affiliate weighs in on HB 300

The Valley News Dispatch offers up a discouraging “here's why our region is against this legislation” perspective.  Not a single quote from anyone in their area who supports the legislation which is patently ridiculous.  Obviously, someone needs to reach the gay folks and their folks living out there.  Who is up for the task? 

But, as I've been saying, we can hardly expect more when the highest ranked Democrat in the region has done NOTHING on gay issues.  The City Controller has done more than that County Chief Executive and he wasn't even in office when he did it.  If Dan Onorato is unwilling to publicly support the LGBTQ community, why should the Allegheny Valley? 

If Western Pennsylvania is weak on HB 300, look locally and ask what happened to all that community investment and pressure on Onorato and Ravenstahl to do something.  They may be waiting “for the right time” as one commenter protested, but every day that HB 300 looks doomed is one day too late.  Showing up with a dashing pen to sign legislation at Pridefest is too late.  It is the best we can expect, but it is too late. 

The link is here.