Lesbian Health and Mini-Spa Night was a nice event

Last night, Laura and I trunbled up to Mt. Washington to attend the 1st Lesbian Health and Spa Night, sponsored by the GLCC and Adagio Health and funded by the Birmingham Foundation and the Lambda Foundation.

The event consisted of a health area with screenings, breast exams and vouchers for mammograms.  I overheard one woman comment that she didn't have health insurance so hadn't had an exam recently.  That alone made this event worthwhile.  There seemed to always be a line for this which tells you something about the need.

The spa area featured multiple chair massages, two facials, paraffin hand wax treatment and the opportunity to get a henna tattoo.  I had one of each, including the tattoo.  It is a dog paw on my arm. 

It was a nice evening from the back door of the Presbyterian Church.  Kudos to Adagio Health and the GLCC for investing in a worthwhile project.  I hope to attend a follow up event next year.