California – Why We Cannot Rest On Their Laurels

What's good news for Californian queers may mean the battle over same-sex marriage heats up again in Pennsylvania as the anti-gay marriage amendment backers put on the pressure to revive that legislation.

They argue that predictions of courts overruling state DOMA laws has come true and call the Pennsylvania House to gird their loins for battle.

Not so quick.  Michigan's Supreme Court just ruled that a statewide ban means no domestic partner benefits for state employees. In other words, the implications for an amendment about “marriage” could be far reaching.  Regardless of California. 

So what does all this mean for you?  Well, I'd say two things.  First, let's hurrah for our California sisters and brothers. 

Second, maybe you should call your representative in the Pennsylvania House and let them know that you are opposed to the amendment and do not want to see it gain momentum when so much important legislative work remains to be done.  You can find out who represents you via the Equality Advocates website.  It can't hurt to make that call. 

And remember … a little over 30 days until PrideFest 2008.  Equality Advocates should have a table there.  So will Steel City Stonewall Democrats.  Excellent opportunity to get involved and show them some $$ love to keep their good groove going.