Friday Night Lesbian Stuff

“Mr. Bingley is coming back to Netherfield and the whole town is talking of it!”

Tis Friday evening and I'm home alone while Ledcat is rocking out at Mr. Small's tonight.  I'm allegedly doing some work, but let's be honest … I'm just lounging.

I popped in the final 1/3 of Pride and Prejudice  — the BBC version, not the recent movie version.  Mr. Bingley has just popped back into town and Lizzie is desperately trying to figure out why Mr. Darcy has entangled himself in her family's scandal.  It sort of makes my squabble with Ledcat over who broke the chocolate chip cookies seem so paltry.

What an awful week.  My favorite coworker and supervisor gave her notice and is moving out of state tomorrow.  Sigh.  I had horrid cramps.  And there's the whole chocolate chip cookie incident.  You can see why I didn't blog this week.  🙂

Let's hope the weekend offers more promise.  I have a company picnic tomorrow and dinner with Ledcat's mother.  We'll see what happens …