Before Bill, there was Rick …

I found this while cleaning out some boxes.  Ok, while moving some boxes around the attic to make it look like I had cleaned them out.  Maria convinced me to post it thinking you might get a kick out of it.  That was senior year of college … November 1991.

The inscription reads …”To a great intern  Rick”  However, since I was one of the many staffers who forged his name on a daily basis, I cannot verify the authenticity of the signature.  I can verify that the dust on the bottom of the picture is from my attic. And I'm wearing a sweater my grandparent's bought me for Christmas the previous year. 

For further proof, here is the note Rick's secretary Debra sent along with the photo.  Apparently, I stuck it behind the picture which has fused itself to the glass in a permanent “man on dog” tribute to Mr. Santorum.