Penn State: we said it but we didn't REALLY mean to protect homos

In an expected (but pathetic) twist to the Penn State Lesbian Discrimination case, lawyers for anti-lesbian coach Rene Portland and the University argued that the non-discrimination policy was a non-binding contract.

You expect this from Portland who obviously didn't bind herself by the policy.  Plus, she's also claiming that former player (and plaintiff) Jennifer Harris was NOT dismissed based on her sexual orientation.  Just in case that doesn't wash, Portland has a backup plan to say it wouldn't matter anyway.  Yuck.

But it was the University's policy.  Why have a policy that you have no commitment to honor?  Unless you just want to appear cooperative and homo-friendly until it begins to actually cost money.  Hmmm….

Penn State sucks.  I am officially putting away the PSU baseball hat my honey brought me last fall.