Trib Columnist Condemns Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

I missed this last week.  The Trib's Dimitri Vassilaros opined against the PA legislative attempt to constitutionalize hate and discrimination.  

Whenever a judge or legislative body in a state say that homosexuals have the same marriage rights as heterosexuals, it promotes more marriage. Denying gays and lesbians that right is anything but protecting marriage — it's attacking it. The gays are the ones trying to protect it.

Wow … who would have thought us homos might actually value and respect the institute of marriage?  Or that we could form lasting committed relationships based on trust, mutual respect and love?  Next thing you know, people might start getting crazy ideas about our ability successfully parent children!

Vassilaros then makes a point that in his words that every citizen should find chilling …

The amendment would prevent a court's “finding” a constitutional right to marriage. In other words, marriage is not a right but a privilege that government may bestow to those it favors.

That's right people.  The amendment opens that ever so slippery slope toward the goverment determining which marriages are valid and which are not.  What big brother giveth, big brother taketh away. 

Ah consistency … what a sticky wicket.