We’ve had some great feedback about this project.

This project has been the most proactive in the area to include several ‘invisible’ and / or marginalized folks. You have given a platform for voices not often given any consideration, and that is amazing. ~ Paula Brewer, co-founder of eBIcenter Pittsburgh

A writer is interviewing LGBT people across Pennsylvania for a cool project called Amplify. [Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents] ~ bitch media ‘On Our Radar’ January 8, 2016

I don’t talk much about my dark times and for good reason but after giving my answers to a questionnaire and having it posted among a hundred others gave me pause to bring forth the darker side of my light.  This website is called pghlesbian.com and Sue Kerr has done well to pull a new concept.  Telling the stories of others.  To bring people’s lives to the forefront and allowing those voices to be heard under the hashtag #amplify and I feel this is an amazing project.

These are the small things that can help a recovery.  No matter what the issue, there is someone willing to amplify that issue to help you find others to support within a group.  No one can do it alone.  ~ alissadavisblog January 2016

You should check out #AMPLIFY, a storytelling, community art, and historical archive project sharing the lived experiences of LGBTQ neighbors in Western Pennsylvania from 2015-2017. ~ Autostraddle, January 2016

I was interviewed on the podcast Two Rivers, 30 Minutes in December 2015.