This has been one of the worst weeks in a long time.  Saturday afternoon, I was delivering Christmas gifts to foster kids when some jerk ran a red light on Penn Avenue and actually plowed a second car right into my CRV.  I wasn't hurt beyond the usual whiplashy things and my car isn't terribly damaged, but the poor guy in the middle has toast for a car and didn't look too good as he stumbled into the ambulance. 

Then Saturday night, I am petting my dog and find an enlarged lymph node so I know that she is out of remission.  I take her to the Emergency Vet on Monday to verify (yep) and it takes two friggin hours for the clinic to process my bill and take my money.  Two hours.  That's after she saw the vet. 

Then Monday night, I take my family out to dinner at Sassy Marie's on the Northside.  They typically like Olive Garden for xmas eve, but agreed to a change.  We get there and the waitress tells us that they are serving from the lunch menu, a fact no one mentioned when I called for a *dinner* reservation.  So we had sandwiches for xmas eve dinner. 

I actually laid my head down on the table and sobbed for a good five minutes. 

The good news?  Chemo is a good option.  I saw the Polar Lights at the Pittsburgh Zoo tonight.  I have rental coverage.  Ledcat is taking me out to Six Penn for New Year's Eve dinner. And, yes, we are confirming that it won't be the sandwich menu. 

Plus, today I walked into the Theater Square and snagged the last two tickets to see Gab Bonesso's Interactive Comedy Show at First Night Pittsburgh. That's right, baby.  We got smart this year and ordered tickets for all the inside stuff in case we have another cruddy weather situation on NYE. 

Next week has to be better, right?