The tree in front of our house died a tragic death nearly two years ago.  I was sad, nearly as much as when PennDOT and the Redd Up crew slaughtered the perfectly healthy trees in the alley behind my home. 

In the ensuing two years, Ledcat and I, along with several neighbors, have dutifully dialed 311 to report a dead tree.  We reported when branches fell onto the sidewalk.  We reported when a gigunda piece of bark fell onto the sidewalk.  We reported to the tree people when Agent Ska blogged about them.  

This past month, a small postcard arrived informing us that the tree is scheduled for removal.  There's a small stamp "We regret no definite date can be promised."

Here's what the tree delivered to us as a Christmas present:

That's a giant piece of bark.  I dragged it off the street and it weighs at least as much as the giant container of cat litter I was carrying -- 15 lbs?.  At least, it missed my neighbor's car. 

So I'm regretting that no definite date can be promised, either.  Even if we park elsewhere, the tree looms over our rowhouse and is likely to take a few electric wires with it should it fall. 

Sadly, there are no Costas living on our little Avenue on the Northside.