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View Article  GLCC Youth Director chosen for Jefferson Award

I caught this very late last night.  Great way to end a weekend.

GLCC Youth Director has been named a Finalist for the 2011 Jefferson Awards. His profile will run in the PG on Wednesday. 

His name is Ben Cook and I met him in 2003 when I was on the GLCC Board.  I distinctly remember being impressed that he gave up his Fridays to support LGBTQ youth.

He's been there on Friday nights for over ten thousand hours. Ten thousand!

I've found Ben to be an articulate, generous man.  I've had a little bit of professional contact with him and his demeanor in his work life reflects the same values that take him to the GLCC.  We once had a conversation about the experiences of LGBTQ youth who were homeless and he was very quiet when he described the Friday night pizza snack as the only meal someone would eat that day. 

We should all be very proud to have a volunteer like Ben.  His work is at the heart of the critical role the GLCC plays in the lives of Pittsburgh's LGBTQ comunity.

View Article  Persad hosts seminar for LGBTQ seniors ...


"What Can the Area Agency on Aging Do for You?"

WHEN: Wednesday, June 16, 6-9 pm

WHERE: GLCC, 210 Grant St., Pittsburgh, PA 15219

WHO: GLBT adults ages 55 and over ? and those who care for them

During this FREE Persad event, Mildred Morrison, Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging Administrator, will discuss the wide range of community and home-based services that the ACAAA coordinates,


- Senior Community Centers

- Senior Training and Employment

- Transportation

- Home Delivered Meals

- Caregiver Support

- Health Insurance Counseling

- Adult Day Services

- Home Health Care

- Nursing Home Alternatives

- Protection from Abuse and Neglect

- And More!

PARKING: There is a lot at 3rd and Grant, directly across the street from the GLCC, with a $5 flat rate (reimbursements are available if this presents a hardship). Metered parking is also available.


For More Information:

Bridget O?Brien

Senior Specialist

Persad Center

5150 Penn Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15224

412.441.9786, ext. 214



View Article  Untitled

This week, intrepid City Paper reporter and friend to the average queer, Melissa Meinzer explores the ramifications of Rebecca Hare's rescue from a rising river and the media free for all around her gender identity. 

While it is fairly self-evident that Pittsburgh's media botched coverage of this story and that Rebecca's gender was not relevant to her rescue, Meinzer explores the connection between her status as a trans woman and her decision to live under the Convention Center. 

If reporters were intent on discussing issues of gender, Lombardi and others say, they could have done so by focusing on a deeper question: whether Hare's trans status was a factor in her being homeless in the first place. Transgender people are often stigmatized and marginalized, and sometimes even homeless shelters struggle to find a place for them.

"We're not designed as a shelter system to make these accommodations," says Adrienne Walnoha, the executive director of Oakland-based Community Human Services Corporation. The private nonprofit social-service agency takes a special interest in the plight of transpeople accessing services.

In most shelters, people live in a congregate living situation, sharing space with the other residents. But residents, Walnoha says, can feel threatened by a person they perceive as different. Women in shelters are often victims of domestic violence and can "look at [a transwoman] as a sexually deviant man coming into their space," says Walnoha. In men's shelters, meanwhile, "the automatic assumption is that if someone's making a transition, they're gay, and that puts the person in a position of being victimized."

That puts shelter staff in a tough spot. "If you're working in a facility and the people staying there say, ?I don't want to stay with this person, I don't feel safe,' it's very difficult to make the decision of who is more important," says Walnoha. "You don't want to put the transperson in a position of being in a place where they're not wanted."

Well done.  Check out the full story for more details. 


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