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View Article  Peduto and Shields Protecting City

I truly do not understand City Council.  How can only two of our electeds want to keep drilling out of the City? 

The Gulf Oil Spill is still gushing. The corporation and the bureaucrats are bungling the heck out of it.  People's livelihoods are drying up.  And the environment is dying. 

How a man as learned as Councilor Patrick Dowd thinks regulations are the way to go --- in spite of very recent history --- staggers the imagination.  How Councilors like Burgess and Lavalle who represent the economically vulnerable that are always screwed by these situations can not stand up and say that poor Pittsburgh residents deserve safe water undermines their credibility as legitimate students of the history of environmental racism.  But maybe they never claimed to be so. 

I am very sad.

View Article  Be part of the solution

I read about this on Facebook ...

Want to pitch in and do your part to clean up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill? Get a haircut - and then donate your locks to Matter of Trust, a nonprofit group that uses hair to make mats and booms that can combat oil spills.

The mats soak up oil from the air, skin or water, according to the organization.

"You touch the oil with the hair and the hair just sucks it right up," Matter of Trust President Lisa Gautier told the Florida Times Union  "It looks sort of like a thick paper towel, about 1 foot by 1 foot, half an inch thick."

Matter of Trust has been collecting human hair and pet fur to help combat oil spills for about two years now. Thousands of salons across the country donate hair clippings that are swept up off their floors, according to the Matter of Trust Web site.

What a great way to make a difference.  My friend in NYC told me her son's hair salon has been participating for a long time. 

Watching the news coverage of this issue has been heartbreaking. I lived in Louisiana for three years so it feels extra personal.  I know hair is a small thing and can blind us to the systemic changes that are necessary to address the real issues. 

But it does really help to feel like you make a difference, as long as you keep perspective on the need to do more.

Pass the link along to your hair stylist or your dog groomer.



View Article  Joe Hoeffel in Pittsburgh today to talk about the environment



Joe Hoeffel will discuss drilling in Southwestern PA


Who:       Joe Hoeffel, Democratic Candidate for Governor 

                Terri Davin, Friends of Dunkard Creek


What:          Joe Hoeffel, Democrat for governor, will discuss the economic development           potential and challenges to environment and infrastructure related to natural gas extraction in the Marcellus Shale.


Where:        Joe Hoeffel 2010 Headquarters, 214 North Highland Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15206


When:         12:00pm, Friday, April 30


* PHOTO OPPORTUNITY - Following the press conference, Joe Hoeffel and volunteers will make calls to voters around the state to discuss the Marcellus Shale issue.  

The press is invited to observe.



The extraction of Marcellus Shale natural gas represents a new economy for Pennsylvania with the potential to create thousands of jobs and build local economies, but it also opens up new environmental concerns and strain to existing infrastructure.  Terri Davin, a resident of Greene County and board member with Friends of Dunkard Creek, will talk about her concerns with drilling in her community, especially as it relates to the safety of our drinking water.  Joe Hoeffel will ask other candidates in the race for governor to join him in supporting a plan for responsible gas drilling with strong environmental regulation.  Hoeffel is calling for a moratorium on issuing drilling permits until enforceable wastewater regulations are in place and on leasing additional state land for drilling.  He is also calling for a severance tax that will meet the costs that the industry places on the state so that we get a fair deal from natural gas companies. 

View Article  Hoeffel on Drilling Moratorium

From the HuffPo ...

"Coal mining was not well regulated in Pennsylvania," said Hoeffel, "and it is the same with gas-drilling."

Hoeffel has already met with landowners in southwest Pennsylvania's Greene County where gas and coal companies are blaming each other for pollution that killed all fish, mussels and other aquatic life along the 35-mile stretch of Dunkard Creek, which crosses the PA-West Virginia border.


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