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View Article  Larry Craig Doll says "I Am Not Gay"

Ledcat really wants one of these ...

Apparently, you can bend his feet into all sorts of positions ...

Last year it was this ...


She is once again bound for disappointment. 

View Article  This Week in Gay Prez Politics

You should keep up with this stuff. 

John Edwards on repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell ...we should do it, sayeth he with no details on *how* to do it ...

Mitt Romney continues to hate on the gays


Several gay-themed questions have been submitted for Wednesday's Republican Debate on CNN-YouTube.

Stay tuned for periodic updates.  Pay attention, people.


View Article  OUTrageous Bingo celebrates 10th Anniversary

Want something fun to do this weekend?  Check aht the 10th Anniversary edition of OUTrageous Bingo at its final appearance at Goodwill Industries.  Lots of surprises and promised appearances by spectacular performers.  Sounds like big holiday fun.



View Article  Gifts and Questions for you ....

What should I include in a Pittsburgh themed gift basket for my brother and sister-in-law?  They live in Chicago.  I am about 85% finished with my holiday purchases and this is the stumper. 

Also, is there a word, other than sister-in-law, for the woman married to your brother-in-law?  Especially when you are a lesbian and said brother-in-law is more of a brother-in-domestic-partnership?  To simplify, I'm referring to Ledcat's brother and his wife who do not live in Chicago. 

  Check our Crystal Eastman's summary from "The Next Page" feature in Sunday's Post-Gazette.  Friggin' awesome.

View Article  Piittsburgh: There is no "LGBTor Q" in Diversity!


(b)   It shall be the public policy of the City to prohibit discrimination because of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, place of birth, sex, sexual orientation, familial status, age, nonjob related handicap, or disability in employment; and

(n)     SEXUAL ORIENTATION.    Male or female homosexuality, heterosexuality and bisexuality or perceived homosexuality, heterosexuality and bisexuality. 

Give credit where credit is due.  Luke Ravenstahl hired Tamiko Stanley as the City's Equal Employment Opportunities manager and she's tackling the job full-throttle when it comes to gender and race, according to Friday's Post-Gazette. This includes everything from upper-body strength standards in firefighter hiring to forging partnerships with community-based groups such the Kingsley Association to recruit more African-American applicants for City jobs.

Rich Lord mentions that Stanley came to the City after several years with the Pirates without noting her actual accomplishments in diversity recruitment.  I'm assuming we are all in agreement that the City has enough overpaid fat-cats who accomplish nothing to rival anything the Pirates lineup for the past umpteen years.  Hopefully, that wasn't Stanley's forte. 

Stanley has her work cut out for her with the Racial Equity Review Team, labor unions and lotsa lawyers breathing down her neck.  One of those neck-breathers is long-time activist Celeste Taylor who is the only person in the article to mention sexual orientation in the same breathe as diversity.  Not a single column inch mentions Stanley's plans to diversify the City workforce along the sexual orientation continuum.  No mention of incorporating LGBTQ issues in the new City University diversity curriculum.  I'm torn between thinking Rich Lord didn't ask the question, but it is probably more accurate to acknowle that sexual minorities are not on the radar for Stanley. 

This is the Democratic Administration helmed by a Mayor who publicly stated his opposition to gay marriage and gay civil unions.  If he fails that litmus test, is it realistic to think he's going to promote "take a queer to work day" for City employees?  Yes, I realize Luke had the big gay meeting with local LGBTQ leaders (including the Stonewall Democrats) the afternoon before the election, but not a single person in attendance has uttered a public word about the outcome. Thus, Luke is still officially opposed to gay unions.

I guess this latest diversity accolade puts to rest the rumor that Luke thought he was opposing homosexual labor unions.  I've contacted the homosexual labor unions, but they, like the Steel-City Stonewall Democrats, have yet to reply to my email inquiries on this issue.

Some highlights: 

FOP Prez Jimmy Malloy thinks the $38,000+ low a starting salary for police officers with two-year degrees is the diversity issue.  Yeah, that's probably it. Or maybe it is the nasty little requirement forcing the police officers to live far away from the lily white mecca of Cranberry Township that drives the minority applicants away!

Ms. Taylor wants to apply the NFL's "Rooney Rule" to City openings, requiring that at least one minority applicant be interviewed.  Do you think the NFL applies that principle to homosexuals or they just let the beat down/pray for your soul football culture weed out the queers?

Mr. Malloy is quoted as believing police recruits "are already indoctrinated to the principle of treating people with respect."  

Well, we know Luke respects folks in our community willing to ante up for some back rubbing.  There's no Pittsburgh LGTB Chamber of Commerce and our professional networking group (Thursday Night Live) is on life support, so who is going to advocate for a more-queer friendly City workforce?  Or pay for it?

Did Rich Lord ask any gay questions?  Did he?


View Article  Thank a Lesbian ...

1.  I'm thankful for Ledcat.  Also, our menagerie.  Our family who just celebrated our first co-holiday meal. 

2.  I'm thankful for my niece, Ava, who teaches me how to give bigger hugs and grow my heart every day.  And my nephew, Ethan, who teaches me that distance doesn't determine love.

3.  I'm thankful for having a meaningful job that pays decently.  And health insurance.

4.  I'm thankful for second and third chances. 

5.  I'm thankful that people read this blog.  It doesn't matter how many.  Just knowing that you care (or disagree) enough to read is good.

6.  I'm thankful for doggie chemotherapy.

7.  I'm thankful for friendships that last 23 years.  And grateful to have other that have laster even longer.

8.  I'm thankful for the wonderful LGBTQ organizations and businesses that nuture our community.  I may not always agree with your decisions or purchase your products and services, but I'm glad you are there.  Even the bars. :-)

9.  I'm thankful that I interned for Rick Santorum in 2001.  That one line on my resume has led to more interesting opportunities, relationships and even job offers than any other accomplishment under my belt.

10.  I'm thankful for Ledcat.  :-)

View Article  The Stuffing Goes Where?

Happy Turkey Day all you lesbian lovin' folk out there ...



View Article  Luke + Gay Community = Marriage Made in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh wants to host the world's largest wedding vow renewal ceremony and the homos are invited!  On February 10, 2008, 700 couples will participate in the world record setting event.  Including gay couples.  According to event organizers, the Guiness folks will accept any US or International marriage certificate. 

It costs $30 per couple to participate. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the ceremony is at 7:30 p.m. The secular ceremony will be performed by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

The Guinness world record for a group vow renewal is 272, set Sept. 16 in Sydney, Australia. To qualify, each couple must present a copy of their valid wedding certificate, which will be kept by Guinness officials.

Participating couples will receive a champagne and cake reception, gift bags and the chance to win prizes.

Yes, you read that right.  Mayor Ravenstahl is going to remarry upwards of 700 people.  Including gay couples.  Only a few months after he went on the record as opposing both gay marriage and gay civil unions in a televised WQED debate.. 

How the heck do you go from opposing any legalization of gay relationships to welcoming us to the MacDaddy of wedding ceremonies? 

You might recall there was a big secret meeting between Luke and LGBTQ leaders on election eve.  Do you think they were picking out china patterns?  Maybe deciding on a floral arrangement?  I can't tell you because the silence from our "leadership" has been deafening. 

Do you think they'll be going to the chapel?  More importantly, do I have to buy them a gift or has Luke taken care of that? 

Interesting to note that the ceremony has been secularized.  Do you think there was a flap about including individuals who are in marital relationships without the benefit of a legal wedding certificate?  Gay or non-gay alike. 

Does one homophobic Mayor trump a whole flock of homophobic religious chaps? 

View Article  Changes to the blogroll

A few additions:

Pleasantly Furious

Revelations - Dr. Goddess

Pittsburgh Pist-Gazette

And one farewell.  Pittsburgh's Gay Blog has shut down.  Best wishes to Mozarti and here's hoping other members of the local LGBT community might try to fill those shoes. 

View Article  Giant Eagle's War on Christmas?

(h/t Pam's House Blend)

Apparently, Giant Eagle hates Christmas and has taken active steps to stomp it into oblivion.  This according to the Liberty Counsel's latest "Friend or Foe" list of retailers who adopt a secular holiday advertising approach.  Liberty Counsel bills itself as a public interest First Amendment law firm.  Founder Mat Staver claims that retailers like Giant Eagle are profiting from Christmas while "pretending that it doesn't exist." 

Giant Eagle's sin?  Using the phrases"holiday cards" and "holiday season" with no mention of the word Christmas. 

Other retailers on the Naughty List include Bloomingdale's which has the audacity to mention a Hannukah card, but not Christmas cards on their website.  And there you have a clear example of the hideous, Jesus-flavored intolerance these wingnuts use to bash down anyone who gets in the way of their theocratic wetdream.  This isn't about religious freedom at all. God forbid a retailer acknowledge a Jewish holiday without the caveat that the "real" reason for the season is to cram a red and green bedecked whitified baby Jesus down our throats with a side of tinsel wrapped salvation.

Excuse me while I choke on the hypocrisy of the hyped up Christo-obsession with holiday advertising, while sincere believers of all faiths go about the business of feeding the hungry, visiting the imprisoned, clothing the naked and comforting the afflicted.  Christmas or not.

Here's the complete list

I'm heading for Giant Eagle to pour my meager pittance into the coffers of a corporate monolith that hasn't (yet) capitulated to the tyrrany of Christofascism. As soon as I finish my coffee. 

Please note that the author of this blog identifies as a Catholic-flavored Christian (for now) and believes that the number of sincere believers far outweighs the opportunistic, publicity hounds who would willingly abuse any faith system at hand to further their own power-hungry agenda.  She deplores, however, how many of the sincere believers suppress their humanism to satisfy their inner-craving for something to believe in and she wishes more said believers would seek something to think about. 

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