If anyone is hard at work on the homosexual agenda, it is Pam Spaulding.  Founder of Pam's House Blend, Spaulding works tirelessly to explore the true life of the contemporary LGBT community.  Her blog has received national recognition and attracts thousands of visitors each day.

Spaulding is also a contributing editor at other blogs, including Pandagon.  She recently posted about Pennsylvania's homegrown bigot, Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of PA.  Gramley has her knickers in a knot because State College recently expanded their proctected classes to include sexual orientation.

Why do these people lie continuously ? it?s like breathing to them. So where in any of these anti-discrimination measures does it require anyone to hire someone who is LGBT? The whole point is that these attributes are no hindrance to one?s ability to perform a job and that they must be considered equally or not singled out based on those attributes. And I don?t see Gramley calling for removal of protections based on religion from the list of protected classes, hmmm?

Good question.  The religious wingnuts spin spin spin these laws to serve their own fear based agenda ...think Santorum's slippery slope from gay marriage to man on dog relationships. 

Anyway, Gramley strikes back in a deliciously hypocritical way ... condeming Pam for allowing the address of a national anti-gay leader to remain on her blog for three weeks (Pam apologized) while publicizing Pam's employer in another paragraph.  She works for Duke University.  Could Ms. Gramley be encouraging her merry minions to protest to Duke?  I'm sure it has been done.

 This recent post about the AFA of PA and others further confirm
that homosexual activists who are calling for tolerance of their
lifestyle are many times the least tolerant of those who disagree
with them.

  Please continue praying for the AFA of PA and others who oppose
homosexual activists attempt to redefine America and her families.

This comes from an email press release that is not currently on the AFA of PA website. I've uploaded the text of her email. 

Tolerant. Eh.