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View Article  Welcome to the newest Correspondent, Sarah!

Just wrapping up Pgh Lesbian Correspondent boot camp for our newest Correspondent, Sarah.  Woo hoo!  Ledcat and I are very excited about adding a new perspective to our little experiment in blogging.  Be sure to give her a shout out when she posts in the next few days. 

View Article  Sue

Time for a little freshening up of the old bio.  <flexes fingers>

I'm Sue Kerr, social worker by day and crusading lesbian blogger by night. I'm pretty fond of my critters, my somewhat excessive magazine subscriptions and my Blackberry. I still get a little thrill when a LGBTQ themed letter to the editor pops up in the newspaper. 

You can find (and friend) me on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. I love social media as long as it is Blackberry accessible. I also like to do real time things like read books and follow my soaps (go ahead, ask me which ones). 

Email me  sue (at) sitnscoop (dot) com

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