The Trib's Mike Seate steps up for his turn on the Rene Portland homobashing situation and considers Portland a viable candidate for Pennsylvania politics.

[I]nstead of offering any apologies or explanations for her bigotry and paranoia, Portland held a news conference last week where she refused to answer any questions. In fact, she pretty much denied the whole ugly affair. Fined $10,000 by the school, the foul-line homophobe will get to keep her job, which is the kind of hall pass previously reserved for crooked politicians.

Seate makes some nice comparisons to our illustrious hall of crminals, including Western PA's very own Jeff "Corruption" Habay. 

Seate believes that Portland may in fact be on to this trend ...

If I were a betting man, I'd wager that Portland already knows this. She knows that a winning record makes beloved sports figures almost bullet-proof when it comes to criticism. It also means the rules, whatever they are, don't apply to the powerful and successful.

And by now, I'm sure Portland realizes that Penn State may never place the same importance on its students as it does its athletic programs.

What a great commonwealth is Pennsylvania!