In today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Jane Little of Mt. Lebanon responds to the question of why the worldwide Christian community remain silent about the homophobic outrages in Nigeria which are endorsed by the Nigerian Anglican Church.  (One response appeared last week.) 

Ms. Little writes " Surely the bishop knows that the tension within church communities is so great that to rise up against Peter Akinola could pull down the churches in a battle for the soul of the church, and that is the reason for the silence. We are not "cowed," but cautious in the face of an evil almost beyond comprehension."

Her letter ends with this statement. "The heavy task is to find a way out and to continue in a mission that befits the church and its followers, being not cowed, but cautious."

Ms. Little, you forgot to include the gay community in this pronouncement.  What about us lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people -- what response befits us in the face of this great evil?   Here in America, WE are the ones being stripped of our civil rights, our families, our access to health care and equal opportunity. WE are the ones being beaten up by off duty soldiers. WE are the ones being denied lifesaving CPR.  Our LGBT brothers and sisters are facing criminalization of their very identity in Nigeria. 

How much outrage will it take Ms. Little for you to agree that the "the reason for the silence" is no longer acceptable?