From Wednesday's Post-Gazette, this response from the Rev. Luke Mbefo, C.S.Sp., associate professor in the Theology Department at Duquesne University to Sunday's Forum "A Gospel of Intolerance"

I'm having a rather unpleasant day so I'll refrain from too much editorializing.  Reverend Mbefo seems to believe that Africans' worldview of the ordering of society (divinely ordered) prohibits them from accepting homosexuality.  He's much more artful in his article.

While I respect and honor Reverend Mbefo's intent to portray Africans as active defenders of classical values rather than passive "consumer" of foreign ideals, I cannot help but wonder how African women feel about these same classic family values. 

Its the same family value crap over and over again.  God's will, the order of society, etc, etc, etc.

None of it justifies the Anglican Archbishop openly supporting attempts to criminalize homosexuals.  His moral obligation is to treat all of us with love and human dignity.  This legislation is so far from any pretense of love or dignity that he appears to be doing Catholic Vatican retro "I am holy man" paraodies rather than leading his church.

I warned you I wasn't up to it today.