According to the City Paper, the GLCC is on the prowl for new digs.  Currently located in Squirrel Hill, the GLCC occupies the 2nd floor of an office building near the intersection of Forward and Murray.  The site has served its purpose but remains woefully inadequate in terms of accessibility, size, parking and more. 

Folks have been talking about this move for years. I was part of a strategic planning session three years ago which explored how a new community center could look as well as what it would take to make it happen.  The buzz has always been that a former school building would be most ideal.   That's probably still true as long as its a fully accessible school building. 

The current crop of GLCC Directors have raised $20,000 to launch this new phase of the project. I hope that bodes well for the sure to be forthcoming capital campaign.

GLCC Vice Chair Kat Carrick, head of the new building search committee, emphasizes that the location must be in the City of Pittsburgh: Unlike the county, the city has an anti-discrimination ordinance that covers sexual orientation along with factors like race and gender.

It would be great to see the GLCC move to the Northside, Garfield or Lawrenceville.