Its a great time to be a North Shore dyke.  Our most high-profile neighbhors are harboring a stupid homophobe in their midst and feel no compunction about it.  Those same neighbors (The Rooneys in case you missed it) are concerned about the selection of the North Shore as home of Pittsburgh's newest folly, the C-A-S-I-N-O. 

Just what I am looking forward to ... even more drunken fools driving unfamiliar streets and spewing their suburban venom all over my neighbhorhood.  More mighty suburban white folks on the North Shore looking for drugs who now have yet another stupid excuse to offer up as to why they aren't polluting their own backwater with drug traffic -- trying to find the casino dude.  More big haired yinzerettes drawn by the classy lighting.  More free booze for everyone!  More reasons for the cops to stay out of my street and down somewhere protecting the mighty whites. 

What won't change will be the afterschool programs, summer youth programs, or anything else actually relevant to the quality of life on the North Side. 

They should have built it at Station Square right next to Philthy McNastys.  Not in my backyard.

The City Paper's DiPerna calls out the Rooney family on Joey Porter:

As far as the Steelers go, the Rooney family's non-response is disappointing. They're supposed to be the good guys, but they appear not to worry about what the gay and lesbian population of Steeler Nation thinks. They didn't have to fine Porter: Simply making a public statement decrying his statements would have been enough.

Too bad the media won't let it go.