Michelle Manzo of Monaca in Beaver County deserves a nice little shout out from those of us living outside of that hallowed little 'burg for her nice letter to the editor in today's Beaver County Times.  Michelle picked up her pen after reading about all the fuss over the Gay-Straight-Alliance at Ambridge High School.

 I wavered between anger and amusement at the comment by the parent who was afraid the members would become "militant" and "force" others to join the club. What in the world does this person think this organization represents? They are not al-Qaida terrorists, waiting to snatch your unsuspecting youngster into their dark underworld. They are regular kids, just like yours, who just happen to be struggling, because they are aware they are different from most of their peers, and simply need to be a part of something that gives them support and understanding.

With that, Michelle profoundly reduces things to their most basic components.  Kids-Need-Support.  

She also rightfully identifies the true problem -- Grownups are afraid of people who are different from them.

Kudos to Michelle for reminding everyone of what's really important.