Ledcat has pointed out to me that I am wrong.  Well, okay, so that's a pretty frequent occurance but in this case it impacts the blog and not just the proper way to fold sheets or mop the floor. 

Yesterday, in a mocha haze, I claimed that the Post-Gazette did NOT cover the New Jersey Supreme Court decision requiring the state legislative body to extend marriage rights to all residents.  Ledcat informed me that the print edition of the paper ran an AP story on that very topic this past Thursday.  It is not available at the PG website.  Here's a copy directly from the AP.

At least, I think that's a copy of the right article. I cannot search the print edition which is buried in an ever increasing stack of papers behind Ledcat's desk in her office.  I get exactly 17.5 minutes each morning to read the print edition before it is whisked away.  I usually start with the comics.  Unless its Tony Norman day. Every day should be Tony Norman day. 

So I was wrong.  I'm sorry Post-Gazette.  Please don't throw my paper into the puddle tomorrow morning, especially if I am still in my socks.  I promise that I will read the paper properly for one week.  I'll even read Ruth Ann.  But I won't like it.