UPDATE:  Thanks to Correspondent Emilia for pointing out that there was a problem with this petition.  I delinked it while that gets figured out.  Must admit, its a good lesson for me in trusting my gut b/c the petition didn't seem to jibe with what feministing reported.  Next time, trust gut. 



h/t feministing

Check this out ...

Keeping the Best Interests of the Greater Community of Women in Mind: A Declaration and Affirmation of the Importance and Necessity of Woman-Only Spaces

We are a coalition of women (born women) and transwomen.  As feminists committed to the liberation of women and an end to gender, we have found analysis and critique of the goals, strategy and methodology of the transgender movement imperative.  At the same time, we remain committed to one another and to all women, women (born women) and transwomen, as a class of human beings subordinated under male heterosupremacy.
We are dismayed by the polarization which currently exists in the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival community, specifically, and in the feminist and progressive communities, in general, over the issue of woman (born woman) only spaces.  For this reason, we have come together to write this declaration.

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