Here's a link to the PG story on the New Jersey Supreme Court decision                  . And here's where you can see how the Trib covered the issue     .

Hmmmm.  Oh that's right.  No coverage by either paper.  The Post-Gazette ran 17 million letters to the editor when gay marriage was the big political wedge issue here in Pennsylvania last spring, including puh-lenty of column inches for homegrown homophobe and hate-mongerer Darryl Metcalfe to spew his jaundiced views.  

On the bright side, KDKA covered the story.  And WTAE. And even WPXI.   And our good friend John McIntire did an especially nice job on both his blog and his radio show on KDKA.  With yours truly donning the Lesbian Correspondent hat to chime in here and there.

So what's the deal with our local print media?  I fully anticipate the fine folks at the City Paper will give a progressive shout out about the ruling in recognition of its magnitude for us homos here in da Burgh.  But our daily papers have no such excuse.

Perhaps the PG is too busy replacing its actual human staff with cylons to pay attention to little things like pro-gay marriage supreme court rulings.  When you cut our weekly dose of Tony Norman in half, you lose a lot of liberal street cred.  And the Trib .... well, I can imagine the staff has been practicing wailing and gnashing of teeth over the impending Santorum defeat.  Perhaps they just couldn't muster up a gay affirmative article that doesn't include drag queens and cultural events. 

Gay marriage.  Not news in Pittsburgh.