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by Sue on Sun 25 Feb 2007 06:44 AM EST
Bishop Duncan from the recent bishopal conference in Africa.  Bishop Duncan led a delegation
by Sue on Thu 15 Jun 2006 08:47 PM EDT
Bishop Robert Duncan, head of a network of conservative Episcopal dioceses that opposed Bishop Robinson
by Sue on Thu 29 Jun 2006 07:13 AM EDT
Bishop Duncan want to break away and form their own diocese who does not answer
by Sue on Sat 04 Nov 2006 08:02 AM EST
Bishop Duncan and his faithful bigots are taking their toys and going home.  To heck
by Sue on Mon 28 Aug 2006 07:44 AM EDT
Bishop Duncan, that seems to be the situation as the Russian Orthodox Church has offered
by Sue on Sun 28 Jan 2007 09:58 AM EST
h/t to Pam's House Blend This is absolutely hysterical.  A video from the
by Sue on Sat 20 Sep 2008 10:49 AM EDT
Bishop, Robert Duncan.  Then some worldwide dioceses headed by a truly heinous man, Archbishop
by Sue on Wed 14 Feb 2007 04:59 PM EST
Bishop Duncan, a staunch proponent of the Archbishop.  Duncan famously claims that opposition to the legislation
by Sue on Tue 20 Jun 2006 07:20 AM EDT
Bishop Duncan, are not pleased. The Rev. Canon David C. Anderson, president of the conservative
by Sue on Sun 21 Sep 2008 12:23 PM EDT
Bishop Duncan and his ilk.  Is the homosexual/female ordination question really the cause of such
by Sue on Fri 27 Apr 2007 07:06 PM EDT
Bishop Duncan and Archbishop Akinola must be spinning in their sanctuaries ... Speaking of Nigeria ...a lesbian
by Sue on Fri 19 Jan 2007 09:02 AM EST
Bishop Duncan and his desire to break away to form his own sect.  We've  covered
by Sue on Fri 26 Oct 2007 09:54 PM EDT
Bishop Duncan was not amused.  Snap. You may have heard that there's a little
by Sue on Wed 26 Dec 2007 11:18 PM EST
Bishop Duncan's Episcopal Church --- give Peter Akinola some tattoos and a few piercings and he'd be right
by Sue on Sun 07 Nov 2010 11:32 AM EST
Bishop Duncan have used this to enhance their power and status at what appears to be great
by Sue on Mon 13 Mar 2006 07:47 PM EST
Bishop Duncan for leading a war against the Episcopal Church, the Anglican Church of Canada
by Sue on Sun 23 Apr 2006 08:21 PM EDT
Bishop Robert Duncan issues a press release stating that the Archbishop's support for this
by Sue on Sun 05 Mar 2006 09:20 AM EST
Bishop Robert Duncan and the Anglican Communion Network .  In November 2005 , Akinola was a prominent
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